Orangeries vs Conservatories, Whats the difference?

As far back as the 15th century, conservatories were known as Orangeries and used primarily for growing fruit and other citrus type plants.

Today, we use a conservatory or an orangery primarily for providing additional living space to our homes.

Conservatories in the UK have become very popular over the last few years and it seems like everyone wants to create that extra space and that pleasant link with the outside garden. A conservatory is without doubt, the easiest and most economical way of extending the home and with the option of DIY conservatories, the costs can be even lower. At Firmfix we specialise in building Orangeries with our salary paid teams in and around Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

As Orangeries have become more popular recently we have been asked what the actual difference is and why they are more expensive?

Well, a conservatory in its typical form primarily consists of fully glazed elevations (walls) and a translucent roof glazed with either polycarbonate sheets or double glazed glass units. Many conservatories however, are built on a brick dwarf wall and many are built with full height brick walls to one or more elevations. So how is an orangery different?

In our experience, an Orangery is closer to an extension than a conservatory, primarily because is consists of more brickwork, as an extension would, than a conservatory. It requires lintels over the frames to allow for a few courses of brickwork above creating a much nicer look. The orangery roof then sits behind the parapet walls to conceal the fixtures. Of course a more modern approach now sees the reduction of the parapet wall and a GRP section in its place to try and save money.

So to sum up the exact differences as to why you pay more (apart from the new Orangery roofs being more expensive in general) they may take longer to install than a conservatory as they require more ground work and deeper footings (in general where dwarf walls are considered) and generally tend to be bigger than a normal sized conservatory.

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