UPVC doors and windows
To be honest,  very little maintenance is actually needed Giving UPVC windows and doors the occasional wipe
is of course good for them, but generally, repainting and weather-proofing is
not a necessity like it is with wood. In some cases, older UPVC can start
looking a little grimy and moulds/mildew can form on the surface. However, in
such cases, there’s nothing stopping you bringing it back its original
People  tend to have their own grumbles when it comes to cleaning UPVC door and windows, but the important
thing to remember is to never use any abrasive cleaning solutions or sponges, so
that you don’t take off/scratch the first layer of ’shiny’ finish. There are
specific cleaning products made especially for UPVC and Firmfix would always advise you purchase
them! However, we were heard of a cost-effective and environmentally sound way
to clean dirty UPVC. You simply mix 1 part vinegar to 4 parts hot water, pour
the mixture into a sprayer and spray it on the uPVC. Let the mixture sit for a
few minutes and then wipe with a clean and smooth cloth. If your PVCu windows
and doors have lost some of its gloss, there are also some great UPVC gloss
products that you can apply to bring back the original shine. I have also heard
of people using baby wipes or their powder laundry detergent to clean their UPVC
without any problems.
Cleaning  UPVC windows and doors is not a particularly difficult task. UPVC is a durable
product which has a pretty good lifespan if it is cared for at reasonably
intervals and it has to be said that UPVC doors and windows require considerably
less maintenance than say timber. However people are prone to making some
mistakes when cleaning their UPVC windows and doors and these mistakes can be
So  while UPVC windows and doors are not totally maintenance free, just remember
never to use any harsh chemical cleaners, even warm soapy water will clean them
up a treat. Oil (or WD40) the moving mechanical parts once every 6 months or so
to keep them moving soundly to avoid any sticking when opening and closing the
windows and doors and they should last you a VERY long time.

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