Firmfix are proud of the fact that we hold five BSI, British Standard Kitemarks. It is a true sign of quality and commitment to our customers.

BS 8213-4 : The BSi or British Standard for the survey and installation of windows and doors

Firmfix are audited by the British Standards Institution (BSI) at least 4 times a year to check the quality of our fitted work. Whereas FENSA only check to see if the correct glazing and fire escape hinges are used in the correct place, the BSI check the entire quality of the installation to ensure it meets the stringent guideline set by them.

BS7412 : The BSi or British Standard for the manufacture of PVCu windows

Our windows have to be strictly made to the profile suppliers manual. The BSI audits our factory at least twice a year to check we are conforming to all regulations. Our windows are tested at the BSI testing plant every year for performance, weather tightness and standard security.

BS7412:7950 : The BSi or British Standard for Enhanced security of PVCu windows.

The difference with enhanced security is the fact that every piece of profile has to be reinforced to give maximum strength. This also means that every screw used to fasten hinges etc is fixed into steel. The 7412 window is reinforced to the profile supplier manual which states no reinforcing is required under certain dimensions. Again, the window is tested every year at the BSI testing site to ensure conformity.

PAS 23 / PAS 24 : The BSi or British standard for the enhanced security and performance of PVCu doors.

Firmfix Doors have been tested at the BSI and successfully passed endurance, weather tightness and enhanced security tests. The doors are also tested every year at the BSI testing site.

WINDOW ENERGY RATING (WER) Firmfix offer A rated B rated and C rated energy efficient windows which have been approved by the BSi